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Part 4: Project 4: Skeleton

The introduction for this project asks me to look and draw images of skeletons… so I thought I’d start by copying the human skeleton for ‘Anatomy for Artists – A complete guide to the human body’ by Barrington Barber.

Front, back and side…

The first one’s not very good and looks like a copy of a skeleton from a book, but a weird and wonderful thing happened with the back and side.

They look like people!!!!!

I know they are skeletons but when I look at them I don’t see bones I ‘see’ a living person.



This was a good exercise as it made me realise just how much flesh we are… how big the hands and feet… and how small the rib cage and head… how long the neck.

After my first skeleton it all made intuitive sense… I wasn’t thinking just copying.

I’ve been doing two pages a day of the Barrington book for months and have nearly finished – I read the page and then sketch the drawings on top with pencil.

Before I did this exercise I knew logically that the skeleton and the body (flesh/skin/muscles) we see are connected but it didn’t mean anything.

Now, I can feel it.

I know that’s an odd way to talk about an anatomical exercise but this isn’t an academic, I could write it an exam kind of  understanding, it’s an emotional understanding.

This course is seriously changing the way I look at art and the world around me… it’s also now changing the way I think and understand things!!!