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Part 4: Project 3: Exercise 1: Basic shapes.

Again… there’s a problem in not having a handy model… or the money to pay a model (fully clothed) to sit for me. Let alone all the possible complications of having a stranger in my house or going to theirs.

My solution was to use a life drawing group to practice – even though the poses are shorter I can use: basic shapes, angle of the central axis and any twists or bends, planes of the body and whether they are receding or coming towards me, whether they are parallel to my picture plane and use a measure.

It’s harder with different poses but not that different form having the model in one position and moving round her.

Sadly, I will lose the sense of the model as a sculpture in space that I can walk around – but if it’s the same model her body doesn’t change, so that will help.

I’ll also draw a longer pose from art to practice using the techniques.

A4, pencil, sitting… in sketchbook.


Foreshortening: No foreshortening.

Line of movement: 30 degree tilt in torso – no twist – vertical support from the legs.

A2 paper,compressed charcoal on board on knee.


Foreshortening: No.

Line of movement: Vertical upper body taking weight. Horizontal thigh and 45 angle below knee. Feet were missed but would have carried line of movement out in elegant little curve.

A2 paper on board on knee – 4B pencil.


Foreshortening: Leg and arms.

Line of movement: The back makes a strong line there’s a circle with the arms and hands-the leg directs movement towards us – the held knee takes movement and weight back into the body – the hanging knee downwards is loose and lacks movement and energy.

This is quite a dance with interlocking lines of movement.

Never considered that before!

A2 paper,compressed charcoal on board on knee.


Foreshortening: Hands, arms,upper body… trailing foot.

Line of movement: It’s quite a solid pose – triangular and rooted – not that interesting. It’s sort of squat and solid and stationary.

A2 paper,compressed charcoal standing at easel.


Foreshortening: The bottom being neareris bigger.

Line of movement: Interesting… the curve of the back,arms and legs take the energy and movement intothe body. But the head is aware it has a different lineof movement which is very interesting.

A2 paper,compressed charcoal standing at easel.


Foreshortening: Slight foreshortening elbow to hand.

Line of movement: Strong line of movement with the head and back but the body is confused… the circle of the arms is broken… the nearest leg is not connected… the up-drawn knee and long arm… are (again) separated from the rest of the body.

And my longer drawing copying a Lucian Freud painting:

A2 paper, fine black artists pen, on table with Lucian Freud book propped up on table lamp. Two 45 minute sessions.


Foreshortening: Horizontal so body foreshortened knee pulled up so thigh full value.

Line of movement: What a fabulous pose!!!!!! It’s so dynamic it’s like music… where to start…

The torso and arms are symmetrical with movement going down the slightly bent arms and out of frame. The movement in the bent knees echoes each other and is like a jazzy clashing chord. There’s also a circular movement head – torso thigh – and through space to head which unifies the core of the body.

Finally the eyes have a line of movement slightly up and out to the viewer and forma triangle with the arms.

And there’ll all this is happening all at once!!!

Like a symphony.

So, what I’ve discovered is that lines of movement create energy which give the drawing structural dynamics, or energy… a bit like music behind a film score.