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Part 3: Project 2: Ex 3: 360 degree studies

I sat in the middle of the village playing fields to do this.

Which was a bit scary as people walk their dogs and children play football. Feel like I should put an ‘L’ plate on my back!

Anyway, it was evening and they were very good and walked round the edge.


There were seagulls gliding around and people walking which I would have loved to include… but on such a fast drawing (15 minutes to ‘get’ a landscape) I could really only capture an impression.

What struck me is the drawing convention.

Firstly I drew a line for the big goal posts… but actually the posts are white!!!! Revealed by the darker shades around them.

Secondly, I know the far small goalposts were angled away but there is no perspective (getting smaller) on the length of the goalpost to show this. So it looks like they are square on… it did occur to me to ‘cheat’ so that they would ‘read’ but decided to draw what I saw.

And put the question, what is ‘cheating’ in art – and what am I actually drawing to one side for 15 minutes!!

There was only turf as foreground but the distance was divided into long scraggly weeds on the field boundary, a ‘hedge’, a row of trees and in the far distance individual trees.

Mountains would be handy but East Anglia is flat!

There were strong shadows which is why I tried to use the black as well as the grey on the sketch.


Above… I turned 90 degrees to the west and directly into the setting sun which was blinding.

I couldn’t look directly at the sun as it was blinding. But when I shot my eyes up it looked like there were two little semi circles… after that there was a bright area that was pure blinding white… then the trees.

If I looked at the trees for a bit my eyes adjusted and grey leaves emerged out of the solid black.

There were a range of ‘feature’ trees which I’ve not really captured.  And bushes in front of that… and long scraggly grasses and weeds. Very complex.

Looking at it there needs to be more black nearer the bushes and weeds to show the bands of vegetation.

Again there were seagulls which I tried to sketch as they glided past, but they contantly twisted and turned so I gave up!



Interesting excercise as the sun was now to my right.

Two things struck me on this… one I recomposed as I drew. Not intentionally, but to fit everything in trees vanished and relationships changed. So it could be said to be, inspired by reality!!!!

Long shadows played across the field which gave the foreground some interest and I like the far tree. Ironic as it’s only a shape and a few squiggles… when it was full of detail. But it contrasts with the closer tree and still reads well.

I tried to correct my goal posts and shade round the white… there’s still a line but I’m happier with it.


East, with the sun almost directly behind me. This is my favourite. I tried to give the correct tonal values, use contrast (like an old black and white movie), and the trick of giving distant trees less detail.

And draw instinctively without thinking.

Using the black to ‘locate’ the tree trunks rather than ‘draw’ them. I tried to use shading as well as line. And love the way the shadow falls on the ground and onto the hedge.

And the shadows sort of lead you into the background which is really cool.

This was the most fun to do…


What I learnt:

Not only is the subject matter very different but the lighting and mood is totally different.

On a big film they’ll often spend 4 hours just lighting a shot. It’s an art. They have a colour palette (which can be tweaked in colour grading) but also use all the expressionistic techniques of an old master.

Just by changing your position you get a whole new lighting set up!

Which changes mood, contrast everything!!!

So, when thinking about a landscape it’s not just about thinking what ‘view’ is the best but also what time of day as that will determine the lighting which is equally important as what you’re shooting… sorry… drawing!