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Part 3: Tutor feedback: video session

It’s late and I’m tired but want to jot some notes while this is still (relatively fresh)… so, I’m going to use bullet points to add things not in my written report.

Then go through the report and respond when I’m fresh.

  1. Trees branches don’t get thinner unless they branch off.
  2. Draw twigs, parts of tress, then go back to whole tree.
  3. I asked for an overview of my practice and possible degree pathways… Doris said there were some painterly elements to my work and approach (so, if I wanted to go down the painting route that would be possible), but my loose drawings were very interesting and had I thought of a Drawing degree? I said no, I’d just wanted to paint and hadn’t considered it but I quite liked the idea.
  4. Many of todays drawings (by professionals) are very tight and she liked my looseness which gave the drawings life and unity.
  5. She suggested I choose Understanding painting media as my next level 1 course (She thought Practice of painting would cover too much of the same ground and be boring for me – also I’d done three-quarters od this course a few years ago). The course was fun and experimental and would challenge me, introduce me to new materials and techniques, and by the end of it I’d know if I wanted to go down the painting or drawing route.
  6. If I want to do a drawing degree I would have to choose Exploring drawing media as my third level 1 course.
  7. The OCA was one of the few institutions to offer drawing degrees.
  8. She thought I would get lost in the academic side of a Fine Arts degree and lose out on the practice which was the side I’m most interested in.
  9. We chatted about a life drawing course and she said if I couldn’t find one locally I should try to go to an intensive one or two-day course. It was better that I was shown the proportions face to face.
  10. I could draw models with clothes on and I said my girlfriend would help if she could read a book while I sketched.
  11. The course though very good was very prescriptive and Doris thought I should stretch it a bit and go beyond the set exercises and experiment, and draw in series.
  12. I don’t have to submit Assessment pieces as my final material and I should start working outside my sketch book and think about submitting some of those as quite a few of my sketches are very nearly finished pieces.
  13. I should start sketching outside the course for fun.
  14. She thought I would do well at/was suited to printmaking and suggested I take a short course. It’s a physical medium with chemicals and procedures and the OCA course wasn’t the best way to approach it.
  15. I said, “Sketching is like having a conversation with the paper”, which she liked.