Tutor feedback on Assignment two: Project 2: Oystershell similar to Kathy Prendergast’s City Drawings




And now my Oystershell!



I can sort of see the connection in that Kathy Prendergast’s city drawings don’t look like city’s. Though the last one has a river and I think most people would say… Oh… that’s London.

But in that they each have a defined and different personality, and are very different to the representational source, I’d agree a connection. There is a transformational element.

However my shell is finite, bound, an object whereas her ‘city’s’ are alive like a virus or fungus with tiny filaments. Mine has a separation – it is organic – but like a seed or shell is dormant. Hers are ‘living creatures’ in an environment (like cities!) even though we don’t see that environment.

Cities are alive.

My shell is dead.

So though both are transformational they both capture an essence of the original.

Okay, I’m going to buy the similarity!



4 thoughts on “Tutor feedback on Assignment two: Project 2: Oystershell similar to Kathy Prendergast’s City Drawings

  1. alipow

    I love this! I’ve been really hard trying to et to grips with Julie Mehretu’s work and this seems similar to me. Your shell drawing is beautiful! I wish I could analyse the way you do!


    1. paulbutterworthocadrawing1 Post author

      Thanks very much… the shells reminded me of my son who’s gone off to university. He was with me full time from 14 so it’s a big change!!! He’s just finished his second year now. He pigged a whole bag of pistachios in the back of the car on the way to the cinema just before he left. I collected themand saved them and made this drawing, they remined me of him, so had a big emotional connection to them!

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  2. paulbutterworthocadrawing1 Post author

    Ooops! That was the pistachios which are on my blog… this is the oystershell! Should have checked the post. Josh collected this oystershell on a holiday in France when he was little. So it brings back all those playing in the sea beach memories!!!!!



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