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Response to Part 2: Project 3: Exercises 1 and 2.



What aspects were successful?

Ex. 1: The line captured the energy of the creation and my connection to the tools and turned what was a ‘boring’ arrangement of everyuday tools on a surface into something with interest and energy.

Ex 2: I think this successfully captured the sunshine. It makes me feel the Summer… and I like the way the tones indicate shape and give the pots a 3D roundness. The colours aren’t reproduced very well as the terrocota red is much redder. Both the pots seem to shimmer in the heat.

Did you get a sense of depth in your drawings?

Yes… more so in the line drawing. In the plant pots the pots have depth but the drawing itself is flat. It reminds me of David Hockney in being colourful but flat???

What elements gave depth?

The shadows falling on objects and bending gave shape and therefore depth as they curved away in space. In the line drawing I focus on one tool then changed visual perspective to look at another one… this gives it depth and is reinforced by the shadows and the linking hammer which has vibrancy and solidity. It’s partly the solidness that gives them depth.

The shadows on and in the plant pots give a sense of depth (more so in the real thing). Where the shadows bend gives a roundness to the pots and therefore a depth.

Overlapping (especially the tools resing on the hammer) gives a sense of depth. They have solidity and are propped up in space… therefore there is depth.

What difficulties were created by being restricted to line or tone

There were no difficulties it was liberating.

Totally different emotionally – the line was like an energetic dance with a joyful physicality and the tone was like more like a meditation… being in the moment. Losing yourself.

I think the difficulty might be to use them properly in the same drawing as the line might be a foundation rather than principle performer. How to give value to both and blend successfully would be very difficult (I feel).

How did using colour affect your working method?

It didn’t.

The big difference was line versus tone. Line wanted me to be energetic, so that the line became an extension of me… it was whole body stand up dancing drawing.

Tone was like moulding clay with gentle sweeps. Rooted in the moment – contemplative. Emotional and intellectual… aesthetic.

The fact one was colour and the other black and white made no difference I was aware of.