Tutor feedback: Time Based Drawing

I learned from my tutor today that there is static drawing work where you record the final outcome (as in this exercise)… traditional drawing = record final outcome.  And temporary drawings… like a torch at night, melting wax, dropping oil on water, pushing a stick in sand and watching the water creep in where you need to record the art over time. There isn’t a final product… the art is time based. Maybe a bit like a film? Or music as different to a painting?

Temporary drawing = record the work with multiple photographs or on video.

She had a look at my blog and couldn’t find the time based evidence for Part 1: Exercise 1 Warm up – Temporary Drawings.

I treated this exercise as a traditional traditional drawing final outcome piece as I didn’t understand what was expected.

As I’ve now agreed a deadline of 14th June for my first Assignment I’ll have to work very quickly to get this in place.


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